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Providing peace of mind for people on both sides of the net


Do you still get a few golf balls sneaking through?

“No we really haven’t. We haven’t had one in our yard in a year. We can tell when they hit the net because they land in our neighbors yard! It’s a tremendous security and the net works very well. I think that just for safety and security they’re just excellent. We like it a lot, it really helps a lot.”

-Bob Nyborg , a happy residential Golf Net customer.

Protection Nets

We offer protection nets for your loved ones and property from errant balls of every kind.

Peace of Mind

Reclaim your backyard and relax knowing your nets are keeping you safe.


We stand by our product and 30+ years of experience with the best product.

Easy to Use

We offer both fixed nets and nets that can be easily raised/lowered.

Interested in protecting your home?

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A little bit about us

Golf Net Solutions is a subsidiary of Colonial Flag, with expertise in custom, preventative, and aesthetic installations, for both commercial and residential locations.

With over 35 years of experience (and over a decade of living on a golf course ourselves) Golf Net Solutions is uniquely qualified to create bespoke solutions for your home or business. We understand that safety is the primary concern for those seeking our services, and we create installations that use only the highest quality American built steel poles, and UV treated safety nets.

With Golf Net Solutions you don’t have to live in fear of injury (or even death) from flying golf balls or other projectiles. A simple Golf Ball Net installation can bring safety to your yard, as well as protecting property, precious kids, grandchildren, and fur babies.

So let our experience minimize your liability and further your peace of mind today, by giving Golf Net Solutions a call!

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Golf Ball Nets and Netting for Home Protection

Golf Net Solutions is your source for all types of golf ball netting for home protection. We know the ins and outs of golf ball nets and will be able to craft the perfect solution for your home.

Golf Ball Nets for Houses and Offices

We specialize in Golf Ball Nets for Houses and Offices. Being experienced in this industry we are able to come up with the right net for your home or business.

Netting for Golf Course Homes

Looking for netting for golf course homes? We can help. Golf Net Solutions has the perfect net to meet your golf course home needs. Call today.

Golf Impact Nets

We are a source for golf impact nets. We will install a custom golf ball impact net for your home or business. Give us a call or contact us today.

Golf Ball Netting Simplified

Simply get golf ball netting installed. Help keep your property safe.

Nets for Golf Balls Essential for Safety

For safety at your home or business, install a net to keep golf balls at bay. Call now.

Golf Ball Nets

If safety is important to you when you live near a golf course, you should definitely consider investing in a golf ball net.