Protect Your Community

Limiting Your Liability

The reality of running a golf course or recreational area is that safety has to be factored into every decision that’s made, particularly with regard to pedestrians, and the residents and homes surrounding your facility. No one wants to to run the risk of injury or property damage, and at Golf Net Solutions, we understand your desire to do right by your community.

With that in mind, we create bespoke sports grade netting solutions to keep your guests, neighbors and community buildings safe, whilst also helping negate liability.

At GNS we understand that the needs and requirements of every facility are different, and because of that, our installations are fully customized to your location. Factoring in trajectories, local weather patterns, specific safety concerns, landscaping, and also the overall aesthetics of your course or club. We aim to provide the perfect balance between form and function, and we have the expertise to do just that.

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Safety And Responsibility

As with any large sports facility, your business has a responsibility to do as much as possible to ensure the safety of your members, local residents, and their property. In many states, this responsibility is enforced by law, and you could be liable for any damage to homes (or personal injury) that occurs.

With Golf Net Solutions, you can rest assured that you’ve taken the right steps to stop rogue balls from causing damage. With decades of installation experience, we’ll create a bespoke netted solution that fits perfectly with your landscaping and business aesthetic.


See what our happy customers have to say.

“On an average basis, we were getting between twenty and thirty balls into our yard every summer and one of the problems is on our deck. We really couldn’t sit on the deck in the afternoons because it was dangerous with the golf balls coming into our yard when they hit slices. It was actually knocking the balusters out of our deck railing. There are a number of the homes in this area that are getting a lot of golf ball damage and you can just see where the stucco has holes in it. So, we just decided it was time and the golf net has been a terrific security for us."

Do you still get a few golf balls sneaking through?

“No we really haven’t. We haven’t had one in our yard in a year. We can tell when they hit the net because they land in our neighbors yard! It’s a tremendous security and the net works very well. I think that just for safety and security they’re just excellent. We like it a lot, it really helps a lot.”

-Bob Nyborg , a happy residential Golf Net customer.