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Protect Your Home & Loved Ones

There’s nothing more important than family, and keeping your loved ones safe is paramount. The average golf ball travels at speeds up to 135mph and if your house is in range of the tee box, that ball will be carrying those speeds right into your property.

With Golf Net Solutions you don’t have to live in fear of injury (or even death) from flying golf balls or other projectiles. A simple Golf Net installation can bring safety to your yard and protect precious kids, grandchildren and fur babies.

The cost of damage to your home because of errant golf balls can be also be huge, not only in terms of money, but stress. At GNS, we do thorough trajectory calculations to ensure that the solution we install will truly protect both your yard and your home. No more stress, fear of fully utilizing your yard, or expensive insurance deductibles.

Our custom pole and net installations use the highest quality steel, and UV treated professional grade nets, to ensure optimal longevity, protection and aesthetic.

Ordering your residential netting system is easy as…

Problems That Golf Net Solutions Solve

  • Potential Injury (and even death).
  • Risk for children playing in the backyard
  • Risk for outside pets
  • Stress reduction—removes constant fear of upset and injury
  • Broken Windows
  • Car damage and dents
  • Holes in stucco
  • Solar panel damage
  • Damage to house siding
  • Fence damage
  • Gutter damage
  • Outside decor damage
  • Damage to lawn mowers from unseen golf balls in grass
  • Hefty home insurance deductibles and repair costs

See what our happy customers have to say.


“On an average basis, we were getting between twenty and thirty balls into our yard every summer and one of the problems is on our deck. We really couldn’t sit on the deck in the afternoons because it was dangerous with the golf balls coming into our yard when they hit slices. It was actually knocking the balusters out of our deck railing. There are a number of the homes in this area that are getting a lot of golf ball damage and you can just see where the stucco has holes in it. So, we just decided it was time and the golf net has been a terrific security for us."

Do you still get a few golf balls sneaking through?

“No we really haven’t. We haven’t had one in our yard in a year. We can tell when they hit the net because they land in our neighbors yard! It’s a tremendous security and the net works very well. I think that just for safety and security they’re just excellent. We like it a lot, it really helps a lot.”

-Bob Nyborg , a happy residential Golf Net customer.

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